Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Welcome To HBD's Newest World

Just want to make a quick post and thanks for joining this world. I intend to make this a premier world with good competition and plenty of blog work. We have owners tossing around ideas and if you have any, feel free to share. I'm looking for a 3 year commitment from each of you.

Also, we will be forming a veterans committee(VC), I'd like to have 1 rep in each division if possible for a total of 8. Also, 8 of our owners will be completely new and I intend to protect these guys from getting "trade-raped" for lack of a better term. My first thought was to spread these 8 newbies and have one in each division, but another owner tossed out the idea of having all 8 in 2 divisions. Or we could go with a mix of both.

With that, there will be other subjects debated about by owners and we'll leave it to a VC vote on what exactly we go with. I have a couple candidates in mind for the VC but if anybody is interest, feel free to throw your hat in the ring. Each division VC rep will be in charge of surveying the other 3 teams in their divisions' minor league teams and make sure they are healthy and not playing players out of position such as a C at SS and position players pitching. A once a week check sounds a reasonable time-frame to do that.

You can find a chatroll on the sidebar of this blog, where we can all join live and chat and talk about any ideas or issues.

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