Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Upper Deck Rules and Regulations

Now that the start of our World is on the horizon here are the rules which we all debated and agreed upon.

Rules and Regulations:
All extreme ballparks are banned, includes: Colorado, Tacoma and Burlington.

A.) You shall not have more than $25 million(total for the year)in your prospect budget. Violators will be put to VC vote on being able to return next season. Majority rules.

B.) Anyone whose prior 2 seasons at the end of a season has a cumulative record under .390 will be automatically dismissed from the league. Any owner having a winning % less than .300 for any 1 season will automatically be dismissed as well. After being out of the league for one season, any owners removed under this Rule may request to be placed on the waiting list for the following season, though they must be approved by a league-wide vote before being permitted back into the league.

In addition, at the end of the season, anyone on probation is put to a league-wide vote on whether they should be removed prior to the next season. Note that everyone, even if they are a VC member or even the league founder, is subject to being voted on if they are probation. The vote would work as follows:

1.) Following the end of the regular season but before the start of the World Series, the VC will post a list (in our forum thread) of those that are subject to vote as well as an explanation of what the VC sees as the reasons to keep or get rid of the person. The person subject to vote would be allowed to respond obviously and state their case.
2.) During the World Series, the vote occurs with all league members getting one vote. If the majority of those that vote before the World Series ends vote to remove the person, they are gone. Otherwise, they get to come back next season.

3.) In the event someone is not logging in for a period of more than 7 days (without having given advanced notice that they will be away) or in the event they are pitching 0(0) pitchers/playing guys at minor leagues extremely out of position (such as pitchers playing shortstop or first basemen pitching), the following occurs:

4.) The VC representative for that division should send the person a trade chat and/or sitemail and ask them to fix the problem within 48 hours or at least have a good faith effort to fix it under way. If it is not fixed, the monitor should bring it to the VC’s attention and either the monitor of the VC Chairman will post in World Chat and/or our forum thread about the problem and once again give 48 hours for the problem to be fixed or at least a good faith effort to fix it be under way. If the problem is still not fixed, the VC votes on whether to put the person on “probation” for the rest of the season. A person will remain on probation even if they fix the problem, though if they fix the problem they are more likely to survive the vote at the end of the season.

Replacement owners: If a replacement owner is needed either mid-season or between seasons, the person will be recommended by any VC member and approved by the VC (exception: members removed for having a cumulative sub-.390 winning percentage over 2 seasons must be approved by the entire league before being permitted back in).

C.Changing cities: Owners may not change cities without approval of the VC. Changing cities will not be allowed in the first 3 seasons at all. After the third season, you may state your case to the VC if you wish to move cities and the VC will approve or deny your request. New owners coming in will have a chance to move the team but only one move per 5 years will be permitted per team.

Removing an owner mid-season: If an owner neglects their major league team, is caught cheating or colluding, or conducts themselves in a manner detrimental to the league, the VC can put the person’s immediate removal from the league up to a vote of the entire league at any time.

Replacement VC members: If a VC members steps down from the VC or leaves the world entirely, the players in their league (AL or NL) will immediately vote on a replacement member. Any VC member may at any time call for a vote of all other VC members to oust any member of the VC including the chairman.

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