Friday, June 29, 2012

Upper Deck Summary

Here we are almost through season 8 in Upper Deck and I wanted to compare all teams(all time) through several categories. The x-factor in franchise success is World Series Championships but these rankings will show you what are the suttle difference between a well run franchise and a poor one. You can make what you want of these rankings but here are a few facts below that you might not know:

- 8 teams(25% of the league) have never got a taste of post-season ball(Arizona, Hartord, Buffalo, Rochester, Pawtucket, Houston, Omaha, Texas.
- Trenton has had 7 MVP/Cy Young winners.
- Minnesota has finished 1st or 2nd in runs score the past 3 seasons
- Montgomery has finished in the top 8 in runs the past 6 seasons(San Juan, SLC 4 straight top 10's)
- Boston has the highest avg finish in runs but has only made the post-season once
- Buffalo has never finished better than 25th in runs
- Texas has last or 2nd to last in defense(+/-) 5 consecutive seasons(1-5) and has never finished better than 24th
- Trenton was the closest in season 2 on winning the team quadruple crown. ERA(1st), def %(1st), def +/- (1st), AVG(2nd)
- Trenton and Boston have 10 silver slugger winners.
- 3 teams have never had a silver slugger(Iowa, Pawtucket, Boston, Chicago)
- Philadelphia has a net 493 def+ plays, trenton(433), on the other end of the ladder Texas(-425) next worst Chicago with -190 but still much better
- Trenton, SF and Philadelphia have made the post-season every year, SJ only missed it once. Coincidence we were all longtime Moneyball owners at one time.
- Trenton has the highest avg finish in the measureables(hitting,pitching,def) with 5.8, Houston the worst with 26.1
- Only 11 teams have had an MVP or a Cy Young winner


Red Text = Leader or last
MVP/CY = Number of MVP/Cy Young winners
SS = Number of Silver Sluggers
GG/FM/Rook = Number of Gold Glove, Fireman of the Year and Rookie of the Year winners
Awd Pts = 4 pts for a MVP/Cy Young, 2 pts for a Silver Slugger and 1 pt for a Gold Glove/FOY/ROY
PSP - Post Season Points= 10 for a WS, 7 for  LCS, 4 for a DCS, 2 for 2nd rd, 1 for wildcard
Standings = 32 pts for first place all time, 31 for 2nd place, etc and 1 for last place all time
MEAS = Measureables, same as standings: 32 for 1st, 1 for last(combined avg finish in 4 categories: (Runs/ERA/Def%/Def +/-)
Total = Awd Pts + PSP + Standings + MEAS
R Avg = Avg ranking in total runs
P Avg = Avg ranking in ERA
D Avg = Avg ranking in fielding %
D2 Avg = Avg ranking in +/- def plays
MZ Tot = All rankings (Runs/ERA/Def%/Def +/-) sum
Tot Avg = Avg ranking in all measureable categories combined(Runs/ERA/Def%/Def +/-)
1-7 = Net difference in +/- plays
+/- Tot = All time net difference in +/- plays

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